the journey begins: how i got here

“you’ve got to struggle out here to live but all you have to do to die is just give up.” – pbs

december 27th, 2017 i had the worst breakdown of my life. i didn’t feel alive. i felt like a dead man walking. but, what i didn’t know was that same breakdown was about to lead me to my breakthrough. i am so happy it happened– not just to me but for me. it’s funny how life happens– how God can take what the enemy meant for your bad and transform it into your good. for the past six months i’ve been going within, struggling to find my way, listening to my soul a whole lot more, having a hard time figuring out how to live the music of my heart. you know that feeling– that thing that keeps you up at night– that that screams so deep inside of you from within– yeah, that one. for as long as i can remember that feeling has been there inside my soul since birth, since i was a little girl– but life and noise blocked that sound out which eventually after so many years of ignoring it led to my depression and anxiety and even after 20 years of a successful career as a celebrity hair artist– i knew something just wasn’t right. the more i broke down the more shut down from people, from social media, from the world– i needed to get quiet and listen to my soul. i think that’s how God speaks to me– through my soul.

i’ve ALWAYS loved the 70s. something about lie before all these digital distractions began to take over us intrigues the shit out of me. so, when i woke up this morning and the first thing that was on my mind was a dance group called The Lockers– i saw them for the first time ever when i was watching an episode of Unsung with my mom about one of my favorite shows What’s Happening. On one part when they were discussing ReRun– they displayed him dancing with The Lockers and immediately when i saw these amazing group doing these incredible dances i was MESMERIZED! i mean absolutely speechless! it captivated my heart and mind so intensely.

so back to this morning, i turned on my AppleTV and began doing more research on The Lockers and learning the history of how they got together. The Lockers were an innovative dance group from the 70s! the pioneers of street dance– the reason why Michael Jackson learned the Moonwalk which was originally called “the backslide” created by Electric Boogaloo and Lockers choreographer Geron “Casper” Candidate taught Micheal how to do it. i felt so happy, my heart began racing and i got goosebumps! lol! i immediately began texting my mom thanking her for putting me on to The Lockers! out of no where i began to cry– happy tears– the kind where you feel so much joy you can’t help but cry. yeah, watching The Lockers perform on Soul Train made me feel so damn alive– for what felt like the first time i knew i wanted to finally start blogging again. i mean i was so damn moved to the point that i finally did something that seemed so hard– The Lockers made me feel like i could do ANYTHING. so, i did it! i finally started my blog. with tears in my eyes as Koke by Tribe was playing in the background it was finally happening. my soul was leading me to my purpose. ahh man. i will never forget today. ever. I’m still trying to process these felling of love and music and art and dance and black history but bare with me, there will be so much more that I’m going to share with you all. And my biggest prayer is that in me sharing my passions and purpose it will inspire you too keep living, keep choosing life, to pay a little more attention to the music of your heart and to never…give…up. i’m so glad i didn’t. thank you Lockers. thank…you. you saved my life today.

bask in this magical joy with me by watching the video that brought me to tears below! light and love to you. yes, you!

with love,

just a naija girl